Yoga and Meditation Club Anniversary

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Yoga and Meditation Club Anniversary

Rabat and Casablanca / Morocco

24th July

Louay Benaabdelaali

The club started from one proposed session on social media and then it grew exponentially and organically with time. Within a year we have held +100 sessions and directly impacted +2000 people from Rabat, Casablanca and Fes.

As we celebrated our first anniversary, we have discussed how we shall evolve as a community and we agreed on creating an association and establish a group of volunteers. We are planning to promote the culture of inner-peace even further by the launching of a festival of well-being.

The closed Facebook group counts more than 700 people who were directly or indirectly related to the sessions. More than 20 people have suggested their names as volunteers. The process is still on-going to establish a good system of volunteering and to discuss the vision and the activities of the prospected association.