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Understanding the Peace Revolution Summit (PRS): Q & A with Miss Aya Chebbi

What exactly is the Peace Revolution Summit and how can I get involved now? To answer your questions, we had a one on one with the executive director of the Peace Revolution Summit Miss Aya Chebbi. She highlighted the idea behind a Peace Revolution Summit (PRS), noting its uniqueness from other events and benefits in store for all youth delegates.

             Q         What exactly is PRS?

A          PRS is a unique gathering of a thriving global community of peace activists and visionaries from different fields to share an unforgettable experience of learning and solidarity in unfolding our vision of world peace.

 Q         How did you come up with the idea of organizing such an event?

A          For the past six years, we have built a global community of over 400-trained Peace Agents in the practice of mindfulness and meditation from over 100 countries. They have organized about 130 peace events in 95 countries. Our online community is over 80,000 Peace seekers who practice meditation through our free 42 days Self-Development Program. They have testified how their lives as well as that of their communities changed since they joined our movement. Therefore, the idea to organize PRS came as a platform for this global community to showcase their work and their commitment to peace, to celebrate their outstanding contribution to world peace and to connect them with other peacebuilders from around the world, working for the same mission of achieving world peace.

You see, in today’s world of constant news about wars, violence, conflicts and displacement, this gathering idea is also fundamentally meant to send a message to the world that young people are agents of peace and not perpetrators of violence. As World Peace Initiative Foundation, we believe in the power of young people as change-makers and PRS as a platform for them will provide the space to reshape the peacebuilding field through their collective experiences and vision.

The idea to organize PRS is also meant to raise mindfulness practice to the top of world’s agenda as peacebuilding tool for which we aim to invite influential public figures. Ban-Ki moon recently highlighted how this practice can help international community tackle pressing challenges, including violent conflicts, atrocious human rights abuses and hateful rhetoric aimed at dividing communities. For that, we believe Institutions such the United Nations and other international organizations and individual actors at the frontline of peacemaking should also come on board for this conversation. PRS aims to open on self-empowerment and self-development for all

Q         What is the difference between PRS & similar events?

A          PRS will be a reflection on the past decade and the current context of humanity. It’s time to talk about peacebuilding differently, not just as the absence of war, peace talks and negotiations, or only as a top down process but also about the roles of young people in this process.  What about the role of women? What is every citizen’s role in making peace possible starting from within? These are questions PRS will raise and open critical conversation on how to deal with world’s crises through mindfulness and the PIPO concept (Peace In Peace Out). Besides, most similar events are either focused on networking and talks or a full retreat of meditation practice, PRS is the combination of both conference format through different keynotes, talks, panels and engaging workshops with retreat setting of group meditation in a beautiful island in Southern Thailand. Consequently, PRS will combine the talk of world peace with the practice of inner peace, which is the first of its kind.

Q         What will the attendees get from this event?

A          Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the world’s young leaders in peace-building and to network with leading organizations in the field. We are busy curating keynote speakers, dialogues between experts and workshops. Therefore, the attendees will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness through engaging workshops, meditation chats, research presentations, as well as panels and keynotes will be of high caliber guests who are acclaimed international actors asking critical questions. Attendees will also be inspired by PIPOTalks focused on personal stories and experiences of peace agents in different communities as well as multiple Peace Fairs and exhibitions will be open to showcase both organizations work and mindfulness practice. PRS will devote more time to workshops and informal discussion to create more spaces for making valuable connections and collaboration.  Nevertheless, we shall also walk the talk, as we will provide the space for self-development and focus on inner peace along with collaboration to take action and pledge commitments. Therefore, attendees will be part of a memorable engaging week and a growing peace movement.

Apply for Peace Revolution Summit #PRS17 here that will bring about a disruptive idea that peacebuilding starts from within and discuss the ways of achieving and sustaining inner peace in order to “Empower minds for a sustainable future”


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