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Theory of Self Empowerment


PC: Tazeen Ahmed

Empowerment is surely more than the ‘teaching a man how to fish’ – it stems from the willingness to fish, the striving for making a difference in our lives.  World Youth Services and Enterprise taught me one concept – Leading Oneself Before Leading Others. Though it might be a buzz word in the development sector, its relevance to personal development cannot be ignored.

The journey of personal empowerment is never over. We need to reflect on personal values, skills, goals and be ready to match actions to achieve those goals. From, we can identify the following dimensions of self empowerment:

Self Awareness – Knowing oneself, build positive traits and understanding negative ones that slow us down.

Values – Opinions or beliefs important to us, There are many ways of values entering our consciousness. As we get aware of the values that shape us, I think we have to critically examine them to see what makes us unique. Confidence comes from loving our own self too.

Skills – Resources we gain from education, experience, practice, training.

Information – Finding information widens our choices.

Goals – Needed to take charge of our life.

For reflecting on skills, goals, values for achieving self awareness, we need to take time out from the busy frenzy called life. Meditations, solitary walks, mindful living are ways to slow the noise in our heads. I would say that sometimes it is important to talk to a friend/mentor who will ask the right questions. We may not be aware of the wisdom inside our minds and questions from a life coach might steer us to a fruitful direction.

Yet we must value PURPOSE. When we are aware that yes, we have a purpose in this world, to serve myself and others – then we enter the Self Empowerment journey. A young person will be aware of purpose if the family environment is loving and nurturing. Parents must be careful on the language they use on children. Bullying in schools can shatter self worth.  Inner peace can be easily attained if the experience at home, schools, society as we grow up gives us value. Empowered with the worthiness and confidence, agents of peace can team up with others to create change in the world. Peace Inside can then be transpired to the world Outside!



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