Stress Management workshops Equatorial Guinea

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Stress Management workshops

Equatorial Guinea Cultural Center and schools

May 25-30

By: Molinge Henry

Our Central and West Africa coordinator and Meditation trainer, Molinge Henry from Cameroon facilitated a series of workshops in Bangui, Central African Republic from May 25-30th.

He was invited as an Inner Peace Trainer by a local NGO called ADALBE Motiva to train youths on stress management since as they were at the period of final exams.A total of five workshops were held for the five days tour.The main language of the country is Spanish and hence the was always a standby translator.

During this workshops,Molinge presented the Peace Revolution Summit to participants ,organizers and local media stations such as Asonga TV and Radio Malabo.Molinge also guided a 30 minutes meditation session to every group of people, in order to let them experience by themselves how to attain inner peace through the stillness of the mind.Moreover, many questions were asked about the summit and the participants were satisfied that the Peace Revolution  Summit will be a place of networking which will also benefit the Equatorial Guinean youth activists.A total of 290 youths were trained.