Peace Sign London

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Living Peace Sign London


May 14th

By: Aya Chebbi and Daniel Matallana

We launched our Peace Revolution Summit last May 14th in Trafalgar Square, right in the city center of London!

The launching took place during the peace event organized by Peace Sign London, a project organizing peace related events around Europe that are organized by a community of people of all sorts of paths and from different cultural backgrounds, who join their efforts and share their view of peace in order to serve as a platform for others to present their peace making activities.

The event was co-hosted by our partner HUFUD, a peace movement calling upon all humanity to unite and work together to pursue a vision of a world free of war through the permanent abolition of armed forces, military industry and arms trade. Alberto Portugheis, international pianist, Peace Nobel Award Nominee and founder of HUFUD, invited Peace Revolution Summit to take part in the event.

Our Executive Director Aya Chebbi and our meditation trainer Daniel Matallana took part in the event where they had the opportunity of not just presenting our summit but also of guiding a meditation session to participants and all those passing by.