Mini PIPO Conference at Bangui Uni.

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Mini Peace In, Peace Out Conference

University of Bangui,Central African Republic.

May 20-21

By: Molinge Henry

Our Central and West Africa coordinator and Meditation trainer, Molinge Henry from Cameroon facilitated a series of workshops in Malabo,the capital city of Equatorial Guinea from May 20th-21st.

He was invited as an Inner Peace Trainer by Bird of Peace NGO and coordinated by YALI 2015 Fellow Stephane Youfeina and Fabrice Kettlemalet to train students on meditation in relation to non-violent communication since as the country has suffered years of civil war.Classes were halted for two days to give room for the Peace In,Peace Out concept which was thought for the two days conference.

During the conference,Molinge presented the Peace Revolution Summit to participants especially the student union leaders and university staff.Molinge also guided a 30 minutes meditation sessions each day of the conference, in order to let them experience by themselves how to attain inner peace through the stillness of the mind.

Moreover, many questions were asked about the summit and the participants were satisfied that the summit will be a place of networking which will also benefit the Central African peace activists as well as the fact to that continuous meditation will help student focus and improve grades.A peace club comprising of 6 members was created to ensure sustainability.The audience greatly appreciated the PIPO concept as it brought a new approach towards peace-building other than what they knew before.A total of 480 students were trained.