Lasemo Festival Belgium

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Lasemo Festival Belgium

Enghien, near Brussels, Belgium

8, 9, 10 July 2016

Louay Benaabdelaali

Our MENA coordinator and meditation trainer, Louay Benaabdelaali from Morocco attended the Lasemo Festival in Belgium.

The festival promotes alternative ways of living. There were different corners namely for example: entertainment, agriculture, storytelling…

We had two spots. Morning sessions took place at a yurt in the corner called zen space. And the afternoon and evening sessions took place at the basement of an old church. It was full of good energy.

We did 8 sessions in three days, and we hosted 148 people.

The challenge to pull this number of people was the nature of the event. In other words, people were not here only for the sessions but to benefit from the whole festival. It’s a good number thanks to the work the organizer of the mini-pipo did in terms of communication and logistics.