Empty Your Mind to Fill it with Creativity

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Empty Your Mind to Fill it with Creativity

Castrelo de Mino and Ribadavia, Spain

1-9 August

Agnija Kazuša


Our team member Agnija Kazuša has just come from a Youth Exchange that took place in Castrelo de Mino and Ribadavia (Spain), where she met other 25 participants from Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain.

The youth exchange combined a unique approach of integrating self-development activities (guided morning meditation and morning pages) with the group activities such as mindfulness role-play, establishing a blog, playing a Live Action Role Play (LARP), performing different creative writing tasks and exercises and others. The participants had an opportunity to look into themselves, as well as get to know other young people for creating projects together. The youth exchange also encouraged young people to effectively use their mind, showing the links between meditation, mindfulness and creativity.