Crans Montana Forum

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Crans Montana Forum


June 29 to July 3

By: Aya Chebbi 

Our Executive Director, Aya Chebbi, flew to Vienna invited by Crans Montana Forum. Established since 1986, the forum works to build a more Humane and Impartial World and encourages international cooperation and overall growth. It also works to promote best practices and to ensure a permanent dialogue between all those who handle high-level responsibilities.

This time, Aya Chebbi had the opportunity to attend the Crans Montana Forum on Central to Far-Eastern Europe, which is dedicated to the Regional and the World integration of Central and Eastern European States, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean with a key focus: restoring confidence in this great region, which represents the alternative potential of growth for the World. Among the attendance of this year are the President of Albania Mr.Bujar Nishanias, President of Montenegro Mr. Filip Vujanovic well as ministers, ambassadors, parliamentarians and diplomats from Europe and Africa.

On this occasion, Aya was also nominated New Leader of Tomorrow by Crans Montana Foundation. The New Leaders of Tomorrow is a unique community of young leaders from Africa, the Middle East, Far Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America, and Far East, recognized thanks to their exceptional professional achievement and leadership experience in Businesses and Governments.

We are happy to see that our Peace Revolution Summit was represented in such an important event.