Ayudh’s 12 Summit “One World, One Home!

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Ayudh’s 12 Summit “One World, One Home!

Frankfurt, Germany

16-24 July

By: Alejandra Barbé Sevilla


Our Media and Communication Director Alejandra Barbé Sevilla, has just arrived from Germany, where she attended Ayudh’s 12th Summit. AYUDH forms the youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activities, as an international youth movement, dedicated to empowering young people to contribute to a peaceful and sustainable world and become compassionate leaders with a sense of tolerance, solidarity and global responsibility.

Alejandra participated as a representative of Peace Revolution Summit and had the opportunity of creating a workshop where she could present to like minded and change making youth leaders the importance of self development tools, such as meditation and mindfulness practices, as tools for peace activism.